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. You can. Find the latest version of the. for free here . . by SoapFlare. by. on the Toy box archive s$110s$ by Peter Kitte on 2015-09-27 23:33:02 ftp:mirrors. . LEGO.DUNE.The.Must.Have.Dune.Encounter.Vintage.Cheats.Code.Latest.Version.File.Packed.toybox-archive. 2.5. for free here. . com/thread/1447986/another-review-week-3-mini-figs-toy-unboxing-25th-aug-2015 monthly .Q: Using NSPredicate to filter array of dictionaries based on a particular key I have an array of dictionaries that I need to filter based on a key. For example, I have the following: var array: [Any] = [] array.append(["theKey" : 1]) array.append(["theKey" : 3]) let predicate = NSPredicate(format: "key == %d", 1) let arrayFiltered = array.filter { $0[Any](NSPredicate(format: "key == %d", 1)) } What I want to do is filter the array based on the key and return the object with the key 1 as the result. I've tried using both the "key == %d" as well as "theKey == %d", neither seem to work. It works if I filter the array by key, but what I want to do is filter by the key of one of the objects. Any help would be greatly appreciated. A: Any? means that your array doesn't have to have the key in it. If it has any dictionaries, the "key" will be in the dictionary. But if you want to check that the dictionary itself has a "key", you have to write "any dictionary with a key == 1" Also, try changing your filter to: let arrayFiltered = array.filter { $0.value(forKey: "theKey") as! Int == 1 } Effects of treatment with cyclosporine, calcineurin inhibitors, and steroid hormones on long-term graft